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The rooms

The three bedrooms are upstairs. Like three sisters, the rooms each have a name and size.
The eldest and largest room is Ainée at 25 m2; Cadette, the middle at 22 m2, and Benjamine at 18 m2.
They all have a king size bed of 2m x 1.85m, a desk, a chair, a flat screen TV with 65 international channels, a mirror, a scale, two bathrobes and two towels for your showers.
The Ainée Cadette and are air-conditioned and ventilated while the Benjamine is currently without.
House Renting 130$/day


Chambre de 25m2
Prix $40/ 1400THB/ 350.000K
La cadette

Chambre de 22m2
Prix $35 / 1250THB / 300.000K
La benjamine

Chambre de 18m2
Prix $25 / 850THB / 200.000K
The Design
Vivanouk is a house that can be rented out at leisure in parts or in full.
The kitchen

The renovated kitchen is furnished with quality appliances, small wine cabinet, with a large, center island.
The staircase

To access the second floor, use Vivanouk's modern, spiral staircase.
The Patio

While on the second floor, enjoy the patio for your smoke breaks or private sunbath.
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